How to become a mentor of the Goncharenko Center

Goncharenko Centre is Ukraine’s largest non-governmental network of educational and cultural spaces and volunteer hubs. We teach children, adults, and the elderly foreign languages, financial literacy, digital security, and dozens of other subjects free of charge. 

Our goal is to dispel the myths about free education and make it truly high-quality and effective. You can help to achieve this by becoming a mentor at one of the 34 Goncharenko Centres across Ukraine.


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Step 1. Select the centre you want to take under your mentorship


You can choose any of the 34 spaces and become a mentor of one of them. Perhaps you have been to Chernivtsi and fell in love with this city? We have the Goncharenko Centre Chernivtsi! Or maybe something connects you to Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, or Cherkasy? Or, say, you just want to support education in Odesa or Kharkiv, which are constantly suffering from Russian shelling? The choice is yours!

You can also support our online platform or the Legal Goncharenko Centre, which provides monthly consultations to thousands of military personnel, their families, IDPs and refugees. All you have to do is choose. 

You have already made up your mind? Feel free to reach to us at with the subject “Mentoring at the Goncharenko Centre”.

Step 2. Visit the centre to meet the team or join a video call with us!


We will be happy to tell you about the centre of your choice, as each of our spaces is unique. For example, at the Goncharenko Centre Kyiv, which is patronized by British Lord Michael Ashcroft, the most popular language courses are English, French, and Spanish. But in the Goncharenko Centre Odesa (Derevianko), which does not yet have a mentor, training is combined with active volunteering: they weave tens of thousands of square meters of camouflage nets every year!

What is this all about? The programme and focus of each centre is always unique. The “foundation” of the centre remains unchanged: free English courses for children and adults. Next the teams on site form the programme according to the students’ requests.

Thus, an online call or a personal meeting will allow you to better understand the specifics of the centre, get to know the team, and determine what will be key to our cooperation: more English, more IT courses, more financial literacy, etc.

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Step 3. Make a voluntary donation to the account of the Goncharenko Centres to support the work of the chosen space


Goncharenko Centres is the largest network that provides Ukrainians with absolutely free access to education. We exist thanks to the donations and help of our friends, partners and patrons. Therefore, we need financial support to continue helping hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians learn foreign languages for free.

It can be a monthly donation or a one-time payment for a free amount – we do not set any conditions or restrictions. However, we guarantee regular reports on the work of your sponsored center and new courses and directions created thanks to your help.


Step 4. Get involved in shaping the curriculum and changes in the space under your mentorship!


You can directly influence the curriculum in the centre under your mentorship. For instance, you would like your donation to be converted into IT courses for children from the village of Bilyky in Poltava Oblast, where the Goncharenko Centre operates. We are ready to do it! 

Or would you like to help a team from Ivano-Frankivsk launch a new language course? Or maybe you want to open a real school of UAV operators for teenagers in Rivne? Mentoring at the Goncharenko Centre is a unique opportunity to directly influence the development and construction of free education in Ukraine. 

In addition, we invite our mentors to participate directly in offline and online events of the network. Do you want to organize a speaking club with teenagers? Or perhaps initiate a special project in space? All of your ideas will be turned into reality together with the Goncharenko Centre!

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Step 5. Receive monthly reports from the centre`s team and watch even more children and adults gain knowledge for free thanks to you!


We guarantee monthly reports on the work of the centre under your mentorship. However, our team will not send you dry statistics! It’s boring, don’t you agree? Photos and videos from events, an overview of new directions and projects, student feedback, and plans for the next month are the basis of our reports for mentors. 

Do you have any questions? We look forward to hearing from you at We will be happy to answer you in writing or arrange an online call with the network team.



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